Weather in Himachal
Himachal with all hills is exposed to pleasing weather all the time, either the season is winter or summer or monsoon. The weather of Himachal Pradesh, all depends on the regions with different altitude. But the best time to check this state is from September to March. Himachal Pradesh faces only three temperatures – winter (October to February), summer (March to June) and monsoon (July to September).

Winters in Himachal Pradesh are chilly. October onward, upper Himachal region faces the snow fall. From November onwards, lower region also see the snowfall. After the November, Himachal faces the heavy snowfall, which opens the door for the sports activities in snow. During the summer time, the temperature is always moderate from 220 to 370. During the monsoon, the whole Himachal Pradesh becomes very beautiful and lush green. Dharamshala in Himachal faces the heaviest rainfall.
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